The Four-Step Process
As a new client you will walk in, fill out a new client form and then discuss all and any grooming needs or concerns with your groomer. You know your loved one more than anyone, so when you bring in your pet, we ask a lot of questions and listen carefully. We want to make sure you and your pet have the best experience possible.

Step 1. Pre-Clip
Starting at the grooming table your dog will be pre-clipped to get most of the hair off. Brushed out, to get all knots and tangles before the bath. This is very important as knots and tangles get much tighter if not brushed out before bathing. Next we trim pads and clip sanitary area. Then nails will be trimmed and dremmeled smooth. Finishing step 1 with ear hair being removed.

Step 2. Bathing
After the pre-clip your dog is put into a bathing station where we start with ear cleaning. We then put cotton in their ears to keep them dry, this is very important to avoid ear infections. Next is anal gland expression and then we start bathing your dog. We run the water while we clean the ears and glands to make sure it is a comfortable temperature for your dog. After we wet your dog we apply our tear free blueberry facial scrub while that is sitting, we then apply one our organic pet shampoos. There are many to choose from, we use the best shampoo suited for your dog’s needs. Last they are rinsed clean, wrapped in a fresh towel, and moved to the drying station.

Step 3. Drying
Now your dog is clean and at the drying station. We use the towel to dry most the water off. After towel drying and removing the cotton balls from their ears, we apply our leave on conditioner and rub it into the coat. Now the conditioner is applied, we hand blow dry with warm air as we brush through their coat. After your dog is about 90% dry they are moved to a personal crate to finish drying. The crate has a fresh towel and a warm air dryer on it to get their face dry (this only takes about 5 minutes). We do not blow dry their face, as it can cause the dog stress and we want the whole process to be as comfortable as possible.

Step 4. Groom and Style
Now your dog is clean and ready for the final clip and style. For the 4th step we clip back over the whole dog then brush over and fluff their coat. They are now ready to be hand scissored to the breed specific style or the style you explained to your groomer.This entire process is only about75 minutesfor small breed dogs. Each step takes around 15-20 minutes; we schedule accordingly to ensure the happiness of our four legged customers. If you have any questions about our spa, please do not hesitate to call or email.